#refugeecrisis Verhofstadt यूरोपीय संघ के सभी सरकार के नेताओं के लिए आपातकालीन पत्र भेजता है 'परिषद निष्कर्ष शरणार्थी संकट पर बहुत कम प्रगति से पता चलता है'

df4ed156348e47a8870b935352d10491_Guy_VerhofstadtAfter having read the draft Council Conclusions, which show an alarming lack of political will to find a solution to the refugee crisis, ALDE leader Guy Verhofstadt has sent a letter to all EU government leaders urging them to agree two far reaching measures he recently outlined in the ALDE “Roadmap to get grip on the refugee crisis”.

Guy Verhofstadt: “It does not make sense to organize a Summit if you do not intend to solve anything. The European Union is facing the biggest challenge since its existence. I urge the Heads of Governments to show leadership and take far-reaching decisions to get a grip on the refugee crisis.

“Firstly, we need a rapid reaction force of 2000 border guards to take control of the Greek borders and manage the influx. Secondly, we need a new deal with Turkey using money for direct financial assistance for the refugees,to improve their lives in the Turkish refugee centres.”

Please read ALDE`s “Roadmap for Getting a Grip on the Refugee Crisis” with seven steps to provide an immediate solution to the growing crisis.


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